Psalm 119:98 says –“Thou through Thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies…”  

As a Christian, you have “enemies.” Living in this ungodly world, you have “enemies.”

These “enemies” are cunning and crafty (at least in wickedness)… bitter and full of worldly wisdom – while laying deep schemes and taking crafty counsel against the saints of God. 

How do you overcome them?

You overcome them by becoming “wiser” than them.

How is that possible?  

The Psalmist clearly stated the answer to that question – it is through God’s commandments.” 

It is when you – as a saint of God – attend to the Word and commands of God – being under His direction and counsel – that you are able to counterwork the designs of your enemies… overturn their schemes and measures…and bring them to confusion.

We are living in a day and hour when many are disregarding, minimizing, and even doing away with the Word of God for other things, methods, and means. How foolish can a people be! How Satanic is this “distraction”!

Many in the “Church” are lukewarm and lethargic – oftentimes living in outright sin. They have no place for the Word of God in their lives, ministries, or churches.

Could this be the reason why the Church – generally speaking – has not seen much progress against her “enemies”?

It is clear in Psalm 119:98 that it is through the Word of God that you glean the “wisdom” necessary to outwit your enemies.

God explicitly told you in this verse of Scripture that His commands make you “wiser than your enemies.” It is through devotion to His Word that you learn to see life as He sees it…value what He values… love what He loves…and hate what He hates. In other words, you attune yourself to His thoughts – which have always been and always will be superior to the thoughts of man and the devil!

God’s Wisdom is superior. It is of a better kind… reaches to a higher truth…and offers distinctive discernment of good and evil.

By studying and practicing His commandments – as outlined in His Word – and making them your rule, you learn to “behave yourself wisely” – yes, even in the midst of your “enemies.” God makes you “wiser” to baffle and defeat their designs against you. He makes you understand that of which your “enemies” are ignorant.

The Believer’s Bible Commentary made this statement – “The humble believer equipped with the wisdom of the Word, can see more on his knees than his enemies can on their tiptoes.”

Matthew Henry said – “Heavenly wisdom will carry the point, at last, against carnal policy. By keeping the commandments, we secure God on our side and make Him our friend, and therein are certainly wiser than those that make Him their enemy.”

The Pulpit Commentary added – “The knowledge of God’s law gives a wisdom and an understanding infinitely above the cunning and craft of worldly men. If to the knowledge is added a faithful and habitual obedience, a wisdom is attained which can be reached in no other way.

“We would have to agree that what is desperately needed today in the Church is “wisdom” – God’s “wisdom.”

In fact, Alexander MacLaren in his Expositions of Holy Scripture openly stated that the “great deficiency in the average Christian character” is “wisdom.” He then went on to say – “Now, that is not exactly what we should have expected to be named as the main thing lacking in the average Christian. If we had been asked to specify the chief defect, we should probably have thought of something else than wisdom.

The Apostle James understood this “lack” or chief defect among the believers. He understood how they are oftentimes short-sighted and have hearts prone to sin (especially when going through problems, trials, afflictions, perplexities, snares, and attacks of their “enemies”). Hence, he addressed this issue in James 1:5 when he said – “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, That giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” 

We need to ask ourselves – what is “wisdom”? What is it that many were “lacking” back then and are “lacking” today?

“Wisdom” is living and thinking according to God’s truth and ways… approaching all of life from His point of view…and believing that everything He says is right and true and the only sure standard by which to live.

It is the right use of knowledge – the knowledge of the best end and the best means of attaining it. But it is far more than knowledge and understanding.

It shows itself in doing the right thing at the proper time…having a believing reception of Gospel Truth … having a knowledge of God and Divine Truths… regarding the glory of God as the end of one’s life… and having a holy discretion when handling contrary winds of calamity and the driving storms of tribulation.

It is essential for a meaningful and godly life. It must be seen as far better than possessing silver and gold. Hence, it must be sought above all things.

It begins in the hatred of evil…proceeds to the perception of what is right and good…continues in the deliberate avoidance of evil…and ends in the determined loyalty to the truth and the will of God – however strong the pressure or clever the intrigue to err.

This is called the “fear of the LORD” which Job 28:28 defines as – “wisdom” – and which happens to be the greatest and effectual barrier against evil-doing.

As we look upon the present-day Church, what is truly “lacking” is the “fear of the Lord.”  

In order to be “wiser than her enemies,” the Body of Christ needs to get back to this “godly fear.” This is her only way to outwit her “enemies.” 

She must come back to a proper awe and reverence of the Divine Majesty and a total submission to Him. She must “depart from evil” (sin) – every desire, word, and action that is displeasing to Him (as outlined in His Word).

The Pulpit Commentary said – “We must be like God if we would share in God’s wisdom. Sympathy with God will give us eyes to see as God sees. Nearness to Him will introduce us to the path that He treads. When we walk with God, we shall be led to those deep mines of wisdom to which He penetrates. This true wisdom is closely allied to true religion. ‘The fear of the Lord, that is wisdom.'”

It also added this remark – “Man has searched for wisdom, but in vain. Then God, Who has access to it, has revealed it to him, and has shown it consists in the fear of the Lord and in departure from evil.”

The Church has many “enemies” in these last days. Each believer has many “enemies.”

God desires to make His people “wiser than their enemies.” He desires to equip them with the “wisdom” needed in order to counterwork their “enemies'” designs and overturn their schemes and measures.

He alone is the source of all wisdom – having the “treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3). And He is the giver of all good things. “Every good and every perfect gift” (James 1:17) comes from Him.

However, there will be no noticeable “breakthrough” in the Church unless there is a noticeable departure from all evil.

Without the “fear of the Lord” coming back into the Churches, her “enemies” will win!

It’s that simple!

The Church must come back to the Word of God! It must be preached and taught unashamedly – disregarding all “political correctness.”

And, in doing so, she must get rid of all sin, compromise, worldliness, and foolishness!

She must come back to the old-fashioned “fear of the Lord” wherein lies her “wisdom from above.” She must come back to this “well” – if you will – which contains the strategies to overcome every enemy that comes her way!

Her victory depends on it!  

May God Bless His Word,


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