“You have many enemies, cunning and strong; many trials, too great for your natural strength; many temptations, which no human power is able successfully to resist; many duties to perform, which cannot be accomplished by the strength of man; therefore you need Divine Strength; you must have might; and you must be strengthened every where, and every way fortified by that might; mightily and most effectually strengthened.” (Adam Clarke) “Our enemies are numerous, violent, and obstinate, and our infirmities are many. We therefore need strength of every kind. As it is necessary to overcome all our enemies, so it is necessary to be endued with all might – might to endure the most furious assault, might to resist the most bewitching solicitation to evil.” (The Preacher’s Homiletic Commentary)

In this broadcast, we are continuing the theme of Resolutions in our new series entitled – “In The Beginning Was The Word.”

In this particular broadcast, we will once again cover the subject of “Seeking The Lord” as we deal with Resolution #15 as found in Psalm 105:4 which says – “Seek the LORD, and His strength: seek His face evermore.” 

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No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.  (Isaiah 54:17)

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